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How would you like to maximize your home equity, save thousands of dollars in real estate commission and still be able to utilize the personalized service of a real estate professional?

After watching for years homesellers becoming frustrated with online FSBO websites that charge tons of money for very little in return, I decided that it was time to come to the rescue.

Imagine having a marketing expert team with more than 15 years in real estate sales as your marketing partner, someone who will provide you with invaluable tools to help you sell your home faster, easier and at a higher price....All this for a low $375 that is fully refundable if you are unsuccessful to sell your property and hire us to do it for you.

Our FSBO Rescue Kit Includes:

1. Home "staging" checklist to achieve the greatest possible outcome. The first impression is the key factor in selling your home.

2. Professional photography: Most prospective buyers now start their home search on various internet sites. A home listing accompanied by good home photos will sell your home in a much quicker way. On the contrary, bad home photos will ruin any chances you might have otherwise with prospective home buyers. Agnes has a background in real estate photography & design whose work has been published in several real estate magazines.

3. 10 flyers professionally designed.

4. Weekly CMAs (Comparable Market Analysis) in your area.

5. All the real estate forms (disclosures, contracts, pamphlets) you need.

6. Unlimited free one-on-one consultation by email, including tips and advice from an agent with 17 years of real estate experience.

7. 6 month MLS listing✱, Zillow,, Trulia, Hotpads, Redfin...

8. We make sure your MLS information is correct.

9. We negotiate all contracts for you.

10. We act as the middle man between you and a buyer's agent

✱ You are responsible for all showings, inspection, closing and the buyer's agent's commission.

But Wait; It's Getting Better!

It takes a lot of knowledge, time and effort to prepare the property for showings, market it effectively, put up with time wasters, deal with offers and counter offers, avoid potential litigation. For some, the money saved hardly seems worth the headaches! For many, nothing seems to work.

So, if for any reason, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and no longer want to try to sell your property on your own, you have the option to hire Agnes as your REALTOR® to get the job done. If you do, half of the $375 will be refunded to you upon signature of a new exclusive agreement and the balance (MLS cost) at closing.

You can cancel anytime if you are not totally satisfied with Agnes' performance!

Call Agnes today at 773-862-3886 for a free consultation. No cost. No obligation.


1) Overpricing a property almost always increases its market time and adds to the seller's carrying costs.

At the end, overpriced properties often sell below market value.

2) 96% of the responses you receive on ads and open houses are not from bona fide buyers.

It is unproductive for a REALTOR® to show properties to unqualified prospects since he/she gets paid only if the property closes.

3) Agents who list high and work for a reduced fee are more likely to have a difficult time negotiating on your behalf.

4) Don't be fooled by pre-qualification letters.

They are worthless.

30% of the transactions fall out of escrow because of the buyer's inability to qualify for a loan, putting YOUR equity at risk.

5) Less than 1% of all homes are sold at open houses;

3% through newspaper ads;

78% through REALTOR®'s contacts, firm name recognition or "For Sale" signs.

6) The first offer is most of the time the best offer.

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